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“So, what type of copy do you write?” or, “what are your offerings?”  Or any variation of these questions is amongst the most dreaded questions for any new(ish) copywriter. And while today we’re not going to get into the whole niching down conversation, I do want to talk about why adding sales pages to your […]

6 Reasons Every Copywriter Should Consider Writing Sales Pages

5 Reasons Every Copywriter Should Consider Writing Sales Pages

In today’s busy and crowded market – the best place to have intimate conversations with your audience is through email. It’s true – sometimes I’m sharing things to my email list that I haven’t even mentioned to people IRL. And not in a #TMI way, but in a, I’m just a vulnerable business owner sharing […]

How to write a personality-filled email that your people wanna read

After auditing 50+ sales pages, here’s what I found…. I kinda have a thing for sales pages. Being able to be that missing set of (conversion) eyes has been helpful to so many entrepreneurs – give or take 50! – over the last year. It’s amazing some of the flood gates have opened after they […]

5 Tips to Audit and Optimize Your Sales Pages for Conversions

Quick example story on perceived value: Scenario 1: You purchase your favorite bag of chips as you’re out on a walk. You take the chips, walk over to the park bench, lick your lips, and with both hands, you pop open the bag. Sure, the nice salt & vinegar or cheesy Dorito scent is released, […]

How To Increase Your Perceived Value

How To Increase Your Perceived Value

I’ve never really chatted openly about financials, but I know this is something that *many* entrepreneurs appreciate. So in an effort to be open and helpful – here I go… Where my May 2020 income came from: A $13K contract for a clients’ upcoming A-Z launch campaign solidified the bulk of my income. This project […]

7 Stark Learnings From My First $20K Month

Ready for a  Golden Tip on course creation? Here it is –  Don’t build your course until you have paying customers.  One of the biggest mistakes I see is entrepreneurs spending so much time creating a course, without having any validation that it’s a winner yet. The key is validating your offer first, so you […]

How to be 100% certain your course will be a hit

How to be 100% certain your course will be a hit | Dani Paige Copywriter

A prospective client came to me after her course launch was a big ol’ flopper.  And after brainstorming what may have gone wrong, she asked if I could quickly change the name of her webinar to make it sound “more enticing.” Short answer: No.  Long answer: Read on. There are lots of reasons her course […]

5 Reasons Your Course Flopped

5-reasons-your-course-flopped | Dani Paige Copywriter

Are you sitting down to write sales copy and feeling all…. ‘Ick’ about it?  It’s a common roadblock that many business owners come to me with. “It feels weird to talk about myself,” or “it comes off too salesy.” Or maybe it’s all the slimy ‘bro marketing’ out there that has you turned off. You […]

The Softer Side of Bragging: How to Write Sales Emails You Feel Good About

Write Sales emails you feel good about | Dani Paige Copywriter

“How do I make what I’m saying sound exciting?” “I know my course will change lives… but when I write about it, it sounds pretty vanilla.” “So many ideas, but I can’t connect it from my head to the keyboard!” Ahh the wrath of writing copy for yourself.  And the biggest aspect of it (I’m […]

How to Write Entertaining Copy and Get Your Emails Read

How to Write Entertaining Copy-Read emails | Dani Paige Copywriter

I’ve always been a bit of a goal-hustler… Aiming bigger, carving my own path, and revealing some pretty lofty ambitions.  …But there’s something special about the end of the year.  Because in the midst of all the new projections, launch plans, to-be released-products, and new lineup of stretch goals… There’s that window of time to […]

The 4 Whoopsies You Should Know About Scaling

The-4-Whoopsies-You-Need-To-Know-About-Scaling | Dani Paige Copywriter