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Do you happen to need a sales page written (or improved) for your online offer – but the struggle to get it done is holding you back? You know, the nagging task of… It’s a lot! For all of this and more, I’m excited to open doors to a new free service for course creators… […]

Introducing… Find Your Copywriter! 🎉

Finding your first clients vs continually finding high-ticket clients definitely requires a different approach…  *you, chosing the best clients around* The secret?  Ultimately, gaining more high-quality clients is a lot about how you position yourself online. Let me share an important perspective with you: When you’re a beginner copywriter, it’s more about searching for clients […]

How to Shift from Low-paying Clients to High-paying Clients

How to Shift from Low-paying Clients to High-paying Clients

If you’re in that vital info-consuming stage of Googling ‘how to onboard my new copy client?!’…Then you’re good to cozy in for this one!  There are a few things you need to think about when it comes to onboarding your clients. Remember: you want it to be an easy, professional, and mutually beneficial experience that […]

4 Elements to Onboard your Copy Clients So You Can Impress Them From The Start

4 Steps to Onboard you Copy Clients So You Can Impress Them From Start

You know what they say…hindsight is a wonderful thing.  And they’re right.  Especially when it comes to business. I’m telling you if I’d have known what I know now, then, things would have been a lot easier.  This is exactly why I’m going to share everything I wish I knew when getting started as a […]

What I Wish I Knew When Getting Started as a Launch Copywriter

What I Wish I Knew When Getting Started as a Launch

If you’ve ever had a bad client, you’ll know how much that can affect your mood, motivation and performance! So spotting those red flags early and working on your mindset around attracting and signing copy clients is so important…albeit challenging no matter how long you’ve been a copywriter!  Many business owners start out feeling like […]

How to Vet Your Potential Copywriting Clients

How to Vet Your Potential Copywriting Clients

One super intimidating thing for me when just starting out was understanding all the tech I needed. So. Many. Things… right, Dani? Because while there is a really low barrier of entry to start an online business, once you get traction, you *need* to begin making investments to better operate your business. Let’s face it, […]

Steal My Tech Stack (Software Reviews!)

“So, what type of copy do you write?” or, “what are your offerings?”  Or any variation of these questions is amongst the most dreaded questions for any new(ish) copywriter. And while today we’re not going to get into the whole niching down conversation, I do want to talk about why adding sales pages to your […]

6 Reasons Every Copywriter Should Consider Writing Sales Pages

5 Reasons Every Copywriter Should Consider Writing Sales Pages

In today’s busy and crowded market – the best place to have intimate conversations with your audience is through email. It’s true – sometimes I’m sharing things to my email list that I haven’t even mentioned to people IRL. And not in a #TMI way, but in a, I’m just a vulnerable business owner sharing […]

How to write a personality-filled email that your people wanna read

After auditing 50+ sales pages, here’s what I found…. I kinda have a thing for sales pages. Being able to be that missing set of (conversion) eyes has been helpful to so many entrepreneurs – give or take 50! – over the last year. It’s amazing some of the flood gates have opened after they […]

5 Tips to Audit and Optimize Your Sales Pages for Conversions

Quick example story on perceived value: Scenario 1: You purchase your favorite bag of chips as you’re out on a walk. You take the chips, walk over to the park bench, lick your lips, and with both hands, you pop open the bag. Sure, the nice salt & vinegar or cheesy Dorito scent is released, […]

How To Increase Your Perceived Value

How To Increase Your Perceived Value