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I write conversion copy to help female entrepreneurs have non-average launches. Awee yeah! 

I'm on a mission to help grow your business through money-making words that speak and feel like YOU.

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Are you sitting down to write sales copy and feeling all…. ‘Ick’ about it?  It’s a common roadblock that many business owners come to me with. “It feels weird to talk about myself,” or “it comes off too salesy.” Or maybe it’s all the slimy ‘bro marketing’ out there that has you turned off. You […]

The Softer Side of Bragging: How to Write Sales Emails You Feel Good About

Write Sales emails you feel good about | Dani Paige Copywriter

“How do I make what I’m saying sound exciting?” “I know my course will change lives… but when I write about it, it sounds pretty vanilla.” “So many ideas, but I can’t connect it from my head to the keyboard!” Ahh the wrath of writing copy for yourself.  And the biggest aspect of it (I’m […]

How to Write Entertaining Copy and Get Your Emails Read

How to Write Entertaining Copy-Read emails | Dani Paige Copywriter