Let's Join Forces

Hey there! I’m Dani.

Long story short, I write high-converting, authentically-in-your-voice, eternally-juicy copy for course creators and coaches who are on their way to impacting the world.

Let’s go ahead and pretend we’re not chatting face-to-screen. 

In fact, let’s say we just met up to talk shop over a cold, craft beer. We grab our seats, order, BS about the cute decor, take a sip, and then you let loose… what’s going on? 

» Is the course you poured your heart and soul into not converting yet? 

» Is your service AMAZING, yet nothing but crickety-crickets online?

» Is trying to write your own copy absolutely draining you - somewhere between your heart and the page, everything gets lost?

» Is your copy a hodgepodge of voices… and none of them your own? 

» Is your upcoming launch got you stressed, anxious, and itchy all over?

Across the table I’d nod, and tell you that you’re not alone. In fact, most of my clients have one or more of those worries racing through their mind and keeping them up at night.  

I’d also tell you that you need a copywriter who can dig into your voice, breathe online life into your service & courses, and take care of all the details so you can stay focused on impacting your market.

… and that’s where I come in. 

(Except for the itchiness - that’s simply got Benadryl written all over it)

I’m a conversion copywriter, which means a few things… 

1. Your ROI is my #1 priority. 

2. I focus on getting your brand message out to the masses (not just telling your story). 

3. The copy I create focuses on pains, problems, and desires -it connects with your readers by feeding the conversations they are already having in their head.

I’m gonna make you money!

Essentially, I’m a creative turned problem solver with a knack for blowing my customers out of the water with amazing customer experiences. And it all begins through relatable, persuasive, and formulaic words. 

When we work together, your business is my business. I don’t just invest time… I invest energy, strategy and my full heart into your mission because true success can’t be reached alone.

Meet Dani

The truth is, I’ve always been obsessed with writing. 

In fact, I remember when I was about 9 years old, I would sit at the kitchen table and write down (word for word) the conversations that my family was having around me... 

I know, super weird. 

(Plus, who knew I was doing the work of a transcriptionist by third grade?!) 

When I discovered copywriting I was hooked. It allowed me to write for a living, and work with other inspiring leaders while living out my own entrepreneurial dream. 

And the kicker - my home office with a lake view. #dreamjob

So if we’re going to make some word magic together, here’s the scoop about me… 

In a past life, I lived in Vienna, Austria while playing pro hockey in the European Women’s Hockey League.

I was a cum-lade business graduate after attending University in Chicago.

I have a passion for volunteering and giving back. In fact, for every Sales Page I write, a portion is donated to a foundation near and dear to me! 

My dedication to customer service comes to life through research, the level of excellence and thoroughness in my data mining, and my timelines for project delivery.

I now live in the Great White North and enjoy hiking, running, reading, Canadian things, mountain things, waterskiing and a good home cooked meal!

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