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Launch Campaigns That Make You Happy...

First things first, let's pretend we’re not chatting face-to-screen... 

Is the course you poured your heart and soul into not getting enough traction?   

Is the program that you believe in more than anything not converting enough people? 

Is the email sequence that promotes your main offer not generating high enough open rates?

Is the thought of a sub-par launch got you stressed, anxious, and itchy all over?

In fact, let’s say we just met up to talk shop over that (recently wagered) cold, craft beer. We grab our seats, order, BS about the cute decor, take a sip, and then you let loose… what’s going on? 

You’ve got the offer. 
You’ve got the audience. 

You just need the right words that bring it all home. 

 Strengths Finders says I’m an ‘Achiever’.

So what can this super competitive athlete-turned-copywriter do for YOU?

 Enneagram says I’m a 3.

And my family says I’m much too competitive for family game night... 

>>I Write words that inspire action and make you money. 

HINT: I don’t lose well. So I swear on my last cold beer that your launch success is my #1 goal. 

Across the table I’d nod, and tell you that you’re not alone. In fact, most of my clients have one or more of those worries racing through their mind and keeping them up at night.  

I’d also tell you that you need a copywriter who can dig into your voice, breathe online life into your service & courses, and take care of all the details so you can stay focused on impacting your market.

… and that’s where I come in. 

(Except for the itchiness - that’s simply got Benadryl written all over it)

I’m a launch copywriter, which means a few things… 

1.  Your ROI is my #1 priority. 

2.  I focus on the copy and strategy for every moving part in your funnel (ads, landing pages, sales page, emails) to help you get the best opportunity for higher conversions. 

3.  Copy that connects, is copy that converts. ← And I’m *all* about making those connections. 

I’m gonna make you money!

Essentially, I’m a corporate boycotter turned Online CEO with a knack for blowing my customers out of the water with amazing customer experiences and copy that moves people to take action.

When we work together, I treat your business as if it were my own. I invest the skill, strategy, research, time, and my full heart - all into your mission because true success isn't achieved alone.

Meet Dani

The truth is, I’ve always been obsessed with writing. 

In fact, I remember when I was about 9 years old, I would sit at the kitchen table and write down (word for word) the conversations that my family were having around me... 

I know, super weird. (Plus, who knew I was doing the work of a transcriptionist by third grade?!) 

Well... I think it was the right path for me.

That’s because, today - I’ve written launch copy that has generated hundreds of thousands in revenue for my clients.

… Emails that consistently hit over 40% open rates
… Sales pages that drive over 30% conversions 
… And clients that sleep better knowing their launches are in good hands (their words, not mine) 

And I can do the same for you, too. 

So if we’re gonna make some launch magic together, here’s a little more info so you can feel me out...

I used to live in Vienna, Austria, while playing professional women's hockey… and only got lost on a train once, ending up in Germany. Fine, twice. 

While I’m a people person and a fan of the outdoors, I’m also a huge homebody. Sometimes it’s just too much work to leave the house. Yes *real* bra, I’m looking at you. 

I have a seriously soft spot for seniors. If I see a super senior out and about - I just want to scoop 'em up for a talk over tea, hear their crazy stories, and try to understand the amazing things they’ve seen in their lifetime. The Grandpa from UP! is no exception to this. 

Care to see how we can work together?

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