How to Write Entertaining Copy and Get Your Emails Read

  1. […] Focus on the JOURNEY. Picture the person whose life will improve through your offer, and then speak out loud to them as you write your sales copy (seriously!). When you write your words as if it’s a legit 1:1 conversation, it brings a level of realism to play. Think about the journey that your prospect is on right now… What are their pains and desires? What are their motivations? Who do they want to be perceived as? Focus on your prospect, and write copy that leads them through their potential transformation: where they are right now (Point A) and where they want to be (Point B). Your offer is the bridge between the two – take their hand and describe that journey to them. When you focus on the hero of every email – your prospect – it takes the focus away from you ‘selling.’ Instead, you’re guiding them to a place where their hopes and dreams are fulfilled. Worried about the ‘bore’ factor in your words? Find out how to write entertaining copy here. […]

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