7 Stark Learnings From My First $20K Month


  1. Kristin says:

    Hey Dani! Thanks so much for posting this; it’s really helping me think about my own learnings as I pivot copy niches and learn about the great big world of launch copy.

    I’ve been a writer all my life and a medical copywriter for awhile. But I really really love the online education space and am just starting my journey to become a launch copywriter 🙂

    It’s difficult to learn the back end of the launch copy world when you’re always seeing the front-end of everything. I really love your transparency + vulnerability here. 💕💕

    • Dani Paige says:

      Hey Kristin, thank you for the lovely words – I’m so glad this blog was helpful!
      Congrats on your success so far – I have no doubt that you will keep it rolling as a Launch Copywriter now, too.

  2. Kristin says:

    Hey Dani!

    Thanks so much for posting this. I’m new(ish) to writing launch copy and I’m loving it so far! But it’s been surprisingly hard to figure out the behind-the-scenes stuff! I’m always looking at everyone’s front end but trying to figure out the back-end, yanno?

    This was super helpful. Thanks again for being transparent, vulnerable, and hella entertaining =)


    *Thought I posted this comment a few days ago but looks like it never went through. (Sorry if this is a duplicate).

    • Dani Paige says:

      It’s so true… I found so often that people only chatted about their huge launch success, but rarely spoke about the truth behind the numbers that got them there. I’m glad this pulled back the curtains for you a little bit. Grateful you are here, Kristin!

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