Rolling out the red carpet on your...

The proven one-day intensive that delivers conversion-ready copy...
For your biggest launch to date.


"Dani's work is amazing!

When I first saw the sales page, I wanted to know how *I* could buy my course! According to Leadpages, the conversion rate was close to 25%! I couldn't believe it was that high, but it was."

- Tien Chiu, Warp & Weave

— Tien Chiu

Warp & Weave

The VIP Day is the marshmallow to your campfire if…

You have a launch on the horizon and need sales copy stat

You want copy with a tasteful amount of personality and persuasion

You don’t have months to wait for your project to be written and delivered

So what’s possible in a day?

Sales page copy

Welcome sequence

Sales sequence

FB ad copy

Review and optimization of sales page and emails

Possible deliverables include...


I have seen a massive increase in my subscriber engagement and a HUGE return on my investment. People write in saying how grateful they are that they’ve found me. 

Ultimately, that is because I found YOU, Dani. 

My experience with you has been nothing short of brilliant - Finding you has been the single biggest win for my business this year. From the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU.

— Reese Ben Yaacov, VA Coach

— Reese

VA Coach

Here’s how your VIP ticket gets stamped and ready for action: 






You apply for a VIP Day. I’ll review your business and copy goals, and we’ll get you booked in for a brief “nice to meet ya” call. 

If all signs say YES, your upcoming spot will be solidified on my calendar for a VIP Day.

You’ll be sent a Brag-Form Questionnaire, so I can deep dive into your business, your offer, and your "human" (client avatar)

The day prior to our VIP Day is your Kickoff Call, and where necessary, I’ll also hold research interviews with your past clients or students. 

VIP Day means it’s go time! By EOD, you will walk away with classy conversion-driven copy, ready to implement into your funnel! 

What entrepreneur is
the VIP Day best for?

This exciting day is best suited for online coaches, experts, and course creators

Those who value speed, convenience, and quality and put a high level of excellence into everything they do

Peeps who *know* how important copy is and are looking for the right words to impact the right people

Words alone can be boring. But wrangling those words into compelling copy is some sexy stuff. 

Your investment: $1,997 USD

You deserve a wildly profitable launch and truly roaring success

The right words are your next move to get you there  

i wanna be a vip

xx - Dani