Close more sales with launch emails

 that ooze 


This swipe file will help you:

Create emails that inspire readers to open, read, and take action

Standout from mainstream copy and the sea of launch-email-sameness

Expedite the time it takes you to write your all-important funnel emails. No more blinking cursor syndrome! 

Here’s what's 

Inside This 

Webinar Invite

Got an upcoming webinar or masterclass?
Get your peeps dialed in and signed up! 

Multi-use Sales Email

Slide this template in as a mid-cart email, benefit from it as a one-off sales email, or use it to re-engagement a cold list

Cart-closing Email

This is your final call email to scoop up Last-Minute-Lori’s for your course or digital product

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Inside This Free Download

This Is Perfect For...

This set of brag-worthy emails are for my ladies who launch! 
If you’re a coach or creative entrepreneur who sells digital products, memberships, or courses - these emails will help you shine online. 

Why your copy craves personality...

Que the personality-poppin’ sales copy. Entertaining, enjoyable copy that feels like a fuzzy-wuzzy human connection. The type of non-pushy words that sound like a personal note from a trust-worthy friend.  

Ready to improve your open rates, click-through rates, and conversions with personality-packed sales emails?

People are tired of purchasing products from boring, corporate-style companies. Instead, they want to give their hard-earned money to stand-out brands they connect with, trust, and can’t get enough of.

They want memorable customer experiences, and they want to feel that they’re buying from real people as opposed to a faceless brand.