The ultimate round-up of Sales Page Swipes! 

Immediate access to high-converting full-length sales pages 
(vetted by Launch Copywriter, Dani Paige)

Get those creative juices puuumping 
to help inspire your very own course sales page


Sales Page Swipe Town:  

Here’s the dirt on copywriters:

We all have our own stash of swipe files - a folder we look back on to view other sales pages, spark ideas, and ignite inspiration. They are often the foundational piece needed to overcome  any blank-cursor-problems when starting a sales page.

Well, I’ve decided to pass over my own swipes, to help empower you to write your next sales page. 

In this downloadable, you’ll receive:

An inside peek at 6 high-converting sales page (I know because I wrote a handful of them) for you to read through and trigger your own copy brilliance

Entire full-length snapshots (no piece-mealed photos) to soak up sales page components, hooks, and overall flow

The creative ammo that all top sales copywriters pull from - a solid “swipe file” to refer back to whenever you need to write a sales page for your course 

Who is this download best for?

Sales Page Swipe Town is for online entrepreneurs who write their own course sales pages! Maybe you’re a course creator, service-provider, or expert - and your layering and growing that beloved 1:many model. This handy-swipe doc is for YOU!

Who’s this swipe master-ess?!...

Hi, I’m Dani - a Launch Copywriter for online course creators and digital entrepreneurs. 

I’ve helped my clients reap hundreds of thousands in launch campaigns - helping them create the sales, impact, and freedom they vision for their business and their lives. 

And on behalf of everyyyy entrepreneur who has ever launched a digital product - writing your own sales page can be TRICKY. Like Run-DMC-kind-of-tricky. 

So I’ve done some prep work for ya - I’m passing over my folder of sales page swipe files for you to get started! It’s part of my process that helps fire up my brain and inspire killer ideas for myself, that I'm thrilled to pass along to you. 

Ready to get rolling on your sales page? I’ve got lots in store for you! :)

Xx Dani

Hand Over your Swipe File, Dani!